The Trevors: Books 1-4

The Trevors

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Novellas #1-4 of The Trevors Series
April 7, 2019

For the first time the first four Trevor novellas are in one place. Join the journey as the Duke of Somerset's children outwit him to find their happily ever afters.

A Promise of Love

American heiress Genevieve McGowan has no love for the English, and has promised her father she will never marry a scurrilous Englishman. After meeting and rejecting eligible gentlemen in both America and Paris, she’s deduced her options of finding her perfect match are non-existent. To her consternation, when she’s dragged to London for her aunt’s wedding she finds herself unexpectedly drawn to the handsome Lord Frank. Heaven help her, he’s English!

Lord Francis Trevor, second son of the Duke of Somerset, is his father’s factor. With no property of his own, he has no thoughts of marriage, until he meets the alluring Genevieve MacGowan. Rich and beautiful, she sets his pulse hammering. But her reputation precedes her. She’s not only hard to please but deeply prejudiced against the English. Determined to win her hand, he’ll do anything to convince her not all Englishmen can be so easily forgotten.

Originally published in the Passionate Promises box-set

Ella Quinn, Author

It Takes a Hero

For the former Anna Calder of Tortola, discovering she is the Duchess of Wharton is a shock, but being forced to find a husband is a greater one. To make matters worse, the only gentleman who interests her is the devastatingly handsome rogue she has been warned against. As inappropriate as he is, she can’t stop thinking about the way his blue eyes warm her or cut of his coat over his broad shoulders…

Upon accepting his brother’s invitation to spend the Season in London, Lord Quartus Trevor quickly discovers that being the penniless younger son of a duke is not much of a recommendation to the beguiling Duchess of Wharton. It’s ridiculous to hope her attentions are serious, but where she’s concerned, his hope refuses to be swayed.

Originally published in Her Perfect Gentleman box-set

Ella Quinn, Author

One Duke or Another

Lady Aglaia was perfect for him. Now all Guy Paulet, heir to the Bolton dukedom, had to do was convince her to jilt his uncle, defy her father, and marry him in less than a month. After all, she absolutely could not be allowed to marry a man who had murdered last three wives.

Originally published in The Scoundrel who Loved Me box-set

Ella Quinn, Author

Married by Twelfth Night

Lady Euphrosyne Trevor, the second eldest daughter of the Duke of Somerset, knows exactly what she wants in a marriage, love and partnership. Unfortunately, with Somerset for a father, she didn’t think she had much hope of achieving her wishes, until she met the Marquis of Markville.

Charles, Marquis of Markville knows enough about the Duke of Somerset to be wary of involving himself with Lady Euphrosyne. Yet, he can’t seem to help being drawn to her and falling in love. But when Somerset refuses Markville’s suit, and betroths Lady Euphrosyne to another man, he must find a way to save the only woman he’s ever loved.

Originally published in A Lord for Christmas box-set

Ella Quinn, Author