Excerpt from Believe in Me

At a warehouse near the London docks, Lord Phineas Carter-Woods surveyed the numerous boxes he’d brought back with him from Mexico. “The ones marked in red will go to Elsworth.” That was the bulk of them. At some point he’d have to visit the estate he had been bequeathed. “Have the rest sent to my brother’s house in Grosvenor Square, and make sure they aren’t put in the attic.”

“Yes, my lord.” Boman, Phinn’s secretary, part-time amanuensis, general factotum, and friend, signaled to one of two carters waiting for instructions. “Have you decided when we’re leaving again?”

That was going to be tricky. “I hope to be on our way to Europe in a month, but I’ve promised my brother I’ll look around for a wife. We’ll take it as it comes, shall we?”

“What you mean to say”—Boman gave Phinn a stern look—“is that you haven’t told his lordship that you’re not staying in England.”

“Let’s just say that I have not had time to divulge all my plans.” Boman was right. Phinn would have to tell his brother, the Marquis of Dorchester, about his intent to leave England again. If only Dorchester and his wife could’ve managed to have a son or two instead of four daughters, they wouldn’t be trying to make Phinn marry. Although, whatever gave them the idea he could do better, he didn’t know.

“He isn’t going to be happy.”

That was putting it mildly. Phinn had decided not to tell his brother he was leaving again until just before he departed. “I’ll stay for the Season. Once he perceives that I have not found a suitable wife, he’ll be glad to see me go again.”

“What happens if some young lady catches your eye?”

Good lord! Boman too? “Why is everyone suddenly trying to put a leg-shackle on me?”